01. Where do you ship from, and what is the estimated delivery date?
We ship from Hong Kong to 145 countries using the standard shipping method for all our packages. Therefore, our estimated delivery date is 14-30 business days.

02.What are your shipping methods?
We use USPS to ship our items from Hong Kong to the USA, and we use Hong Kong Post and China Post to ship our items to other countries

03.What does "USPS awaiting the item" mean?
After shipping from Hong Kong, it takes a while for the package to reach the USA. During this time, the tracking status will display 'USPS awaiting the item.' Once it arrives in the USA, the status changes to 'USPS received the item,' and you can then track its progress through the USPS network until final delivery

04.There is something wrong with my order!
Please reach out to us by clicking on the chat icon on our website or by sending an email to We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

05:What is your handling time?
We offer both handmade and machine-made parts and scales. If we have stock, we ship orders within 2 days. If we don't have stock, we manufacture and ship within 6-7 days.