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91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Scales Brass Handles

91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Scales Brass Handles

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Introducing the perfect enhancement for your 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife - Brass Replacement Handles! Elevate your DIY SAK with these exquisite 91mm brass scales, adding a touch of timeless elegance and durability to your trusty pocket knife. Embrace the power of customization and give your SAK a unique and personalized look with these precision-crafted brass scales. Upgrade your everyday carry with 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife Scales - Brass Replacement Handles DIY SAK!

- Product Description:
- This item is a brass handle.
- The knife shown in the picture is not included.

- Compatibility:
- This patch is intended for authentic 91mm Swiss Army Knives (all 91MM sizes).
- The thickness and structure of the patch match those of the original handle.

- Material:
- Made from Brass.

- How to Use:
1. Begin by using a utility knife or a sharp knife tip to carefully remove the original plastic handle.
2. Apply AB glue or screw glue to a small amount on the card position of the original knife handle.
3. Align the brass handle with the card position on the original knife handle.
4. Once aligned, allow the glue to set and fix the brass handle in place.
5. The product can be used once the glue has securely set.

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